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Payroll Management

Managing payroll is indeed a challenge for a company. We help you overcome that challenge by providing our unique payroll services. Our payroll management services provide error-free payroll activities. Our knowledge base combined with the latest technology helps our clients efficiently manage employee’s financial records.

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IT and Non-IT

We provide both IT and Non-IT recruitment services. Our clients belong to both industries. We hire candidates with IT skills like java, C++, SAP, Oracle, .NET, Embedded, Linux, UNIX,HTML, DHTML, and XML etc. We cater to various Non-IT industries as well as healthcare,banking, finance, BPO, education, etc.

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Bulk Hiring

Bulk Hiring/Mass Recruitment has been the latest trend in the recruitment industry. It is challenging and it requires expertise to handle its processes. We have an experienced team of bright recruiters who are experts in sourcing, screening, and selecting thousands of candidates for various levels of organizations. We believe in creating a seamless process for our clients.

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Mid Level Hiring

Mid-level managers are responsible for running the development process of an organization smoothly. We assist companies to acquire desired talents who are capable to handle the mid-level position and take up top-level positions in the future. Today, it’s crucial for a company to have effective leaders in middle-level managerial roles to stay ahead of the competition.

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High Level Hiring

High Level/Senior Level positions are in charge of the overall development of an organization. By doing a thorough analysis of existing board members and highly experienced professionals, we find out the best leaders who would fit in the senior level roles and can take the organization to the next level.

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Start Up Hiring

Startups are responsible for the job revolution. Though they create massive job opportunities, they equally face a lot of challenges. Hiring the right people is one of them.We provide startup hiring solutions by exploring different aspects of the challenges a startup entrepreneur faces. We create an HR roadmap based on the client’s budget and manpower requirements.

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Permanent Hiring

Hiring permanent employees for the organization is a serious commitment. Make sure you are committing to the right people. Here, we help you identify the right candidates for permanent roles by recruiting, assessing, and qualifying them. We have a team of experienced professionals who have expertise in this field of identifying the right candidates for long-term positions.

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Contract Based Hiring

Hiring for temporary roles or short term assignments, we help find out the best candidates who can fit into your needs and help you achieve short-term goals. Our team has years of experience in dealing with industry requirements for contractual recruitment.

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